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Pond Life

Water features  provide a point of interest, transforming your garden.

Water features have always provided a point of interest in garden displays, and more and more gardeners and hobbyists have been creating them in their own yards. Emmons Tropical Fish has kept expanding with this widening interest, adding onto our outdoor pond yard over the years. We now have more than 12 fish-holding systems with many sizes and varieties of koi, comets, and fantails. We also have a large plant selection including lilies, marginal plants, floating plants, and lotus. Our staff can help you design almost any scale of water feature you desire. Some folks may want a simple fountain to produce the soothing sounds of running water...what do you want?


We have everything you need to keep your water garden looking good.

Do you envision an elaborate system of connecting waterfalls and landscaping? We carry everything you need to build and stock the pond of your choosing. Our line includes preformed and flexible pond liners, submersible pumps of all sizes, a variety of filters, ultraviolet clarifiers, barley bales, edging stone, chemicals and testing kits, foods, plant fertilizers and algae-controllers, and books. Whether you are starting from scratch or revamping an existing water feature we have a system-design to suit your needs. Stop by and see us and we will be here to step you through the whole process!

We will be here to step you through the whole process!


1612 Hopmeadow Street

Simsbury, CT 06070

Tel: 860-658-5401

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