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Welcome to Emmons Tropical Fish & Pond

We are a Locally owned pet store specializing in tropical fish, garden ponds, and pet supplies. Emmons has 200+ aquariums and a small but knowledgeable staff. While the specialty is fish, Emmons also has an assortment of small animals and reptiles.

Fresh Water and Saltwater

Emmons Tropical Fish offers a variety of freshwater and saltwater livestock. Freshwater options include both coldwater and tropical species for your aquarium or pond. Some coldwater choices include imported and domestic fantail goldfish, comets and shebunkins, and koi.

Tropical Varieties

Tropical varieties encompass cichlids, both African and South American, gouramis, barbs, angels, tetras, loaches, catfishes, and plecostamus. 


Display Aquariums

Emmons has over 200 aquariums full of premium quality freshwater and salt water fish, great for all levels of pet owners and hobbyists. With an incredible selection, we are your complete source for fresh water fish, salt water fish and marine life. 


Our "fun" staff experts

Steve Emmons

Steve has over 50 years with Emmons and has been the owner since 1987

Pam Emmons

Pam has over 30 years since she joined Emmons in 1988.


Jeff Scudder

As our systems manager, Jeff has over 35 years with Emmons


David Smith

As our In-Store Manager, David has over 40 years with Emmons


Andrew Werther

As a Service Specialist, Andrew has over 25 years with Emmons


Tony Pagano

As a service specialist, Tony has over 20 years with Emmons

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